What is a sports podiatrist?

Podiatry for athletes
Review of the Conference on Podiatric Sports Medicine

On a lovely Thursday evening on March 23rd at 7 PM, an in-person conference on
podiatric medicine was held at the Monkland Community Center. Dr. Diegal Leger,
podiatrist, was accompanied by nursing assistant, Margarita Lucas, to talk about their
backgrounds and discuss the elements that highlight their professions.

The goal of this initiative was to improve collective foot health by raising awareness of
common pathologies and their associated treatments. The audience was also given the
opportunity to ask a few questions, such as how much the fees are and how the
care is provided at the Monkland Sports Podiatry Clinic.

Background of our Podiatrist

Dr. Leger holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science with a specialization in Athletic
Therapy from Concordia University. He also obtained a doctorate in podiatric medicine from
the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. His learning path led him to train in posture and
gait disorders, rehabilitation and, finally, surgery.

In subsequent years, he became a member of the Association des podiatres du Québec, the
Association québécoise des médecins du sport et de l’exercice, as well as the Ordre des
podiatres du Québec, where he has contributed to the professional inspection committee.

In addition, this well respected clinician and lecturer actively participates in several
committees and conferences, here and abroad, with the desire to advance medicine in his
chosen field. Dr. Leger also founded his own clinic, before merging and specializing in
podiatry for athletes at the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce branch.

What can a Sports Podiatrist do for you?

In short, this branch of podiatry treats active people of all ages, whether they are casual or
professional athletes. It focuses on the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of foot, ankle
and musculoskeletal injuries to help promote health through physical activity.

Your podiatrist can help you if you suffer from:

-Musculoskeletal problems or deformities.
-Sudden or chronic pain.
-Posture or gait problems.
-Skin or nail problems (including warts, bunions, infection).
-Swelling in the joints.
-Chronic or degenerative conditions, such as arthritis or diabetes.

Dr. Leger is constantly perfecting his treatments and enhancing his knowledge. He likes to
build a strong relationship of trust with his patients and ensures that the care provided is
appropriate. Diagnoses are always based on observations, evidence and test results,
supported by science and technology, after discussing and taking into account the overall
health, context and history of each individual.

This professional has more than one trick up his sleeve to help get you back on your feet:

-Medical imaging.
-Manual therapy.
-Targeted stretching and exercise plan.
-Therapeutic bandages.
-Foot orthotics.
-Radial shock wave therapy.
-Medication and injections.
-Minor surgery.
-Wound care.
-Advice on the right equipment for your body type.

Any sporting activity can lead to an accident or injury, even if you’re well trained. Genes,
heredity and certain medical conditions unrelated to the feet can also lead to negative
physical repercussions on your lower limbs. Ignoring pain or not treating your problems
properly, believing that the condition is minor and will resolve itself over time, is seldom the
best solution. This could cause collateral damage, lead to a loss of mobility, or even the
need to stop your preferred activities completely. Consulting a sports podiatrist will allow you
to find the root causes and commence the treatments necessary for a healthy and active future.

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